Power Without Limits

Use More Energy With One Flat Rate

Finally, The Unlimited Plan You've Been Waiting For.

Astral offers users the ability to use unlimited energy for just one flat monthly rate. Stop stressing about your fluctuating energy bills and raising your thermostat one degree.

The Ultimate Power Plan

One Consistent Rate, Customized To You.

Astral’s proprietary software analyzes your previous energy spend and calculates the perfect rate for you. You pay for this customized flat rate month over month, regardless of your usage. You can say goodbye to fluctuating bills and stressing over your budget once and for all with the Ultimate Power Plan.

Powering Peace of Mind

Unplug from the stress that used to come from adjusting your thermostat. On our Unlimited Power Plan, you’ll never have to worry about not knowing what’s coming. Your bill will stay the same every month, no matter how much you use.

The Ultimate Family Plan

The more, the merrier. Our Unlimited Power Plan gives everyone all the energy they need. No matter the number of people in your home everyone can stay powered up. The best part, your energy bill won’t go up.

Use More Worry Less