Ultimate Power Plan™

Control Your Power, Control Your Costs™

Break free of fluctuating energy prices and monthly bills & get unlimited energy with our Ultimate Power Plan™.

One Easy Fixed Rate, Guaranteed

Energy bills used to be unpredictable, with seasonal soaring rates that made it hard to budget your utility expenses. Those days are over, thanks to our Ultimate Power Plan™, which puts the power in your hands to pay a fixed monthly rate – and no hidden costs, ever. We’re your partner in providing all the electricity natural gas and renewable energy you need at a price you can rely on.

Protect Your Power

The energy market is traditionally volatile, but thanks to deregulation, supply is now separate from distribution. As your power provider, this gives us greater control… which we pass along to you. Your Ultimate Power Plan™ is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s customized to your specific needs so you have a stable source of unlimited energy.

It’s Easy Being Green

We care about our environment, so built into all of our energy packages is sustainability and renewable sources. Since your Ultimate Power Plan™ is customized to your energy use, we have built in an incentive for energy conservation: if you use less energy than is included in your monthly plan, we will give you credit when it’s time to renew your plan.

Your Transparent, Trustworthy Team

Astral Energy Experts are here to help you understand everything about your Ultimate Power Plan™ and energy. We’re your partner in empowering your energy use and cost control, so if you have questions, your dedicated account manager is here for you.

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