How We Can Reduce Your Energy Costs

It’s a Question of Where You Get Your Energy From.

While the idea of Astral Energy potentially reducing your energy costs seems like magic, we can demystify it all for you so you have an idea of how it works.

Before energy deregulation, your utility company had two roles in bringing energy to your home or business:

  1. Supplying the energy: physically having the quantities of the energy sources.
  2. Distributing the energy: routing the energy to your home to power your lights, televisions, stoves, and more.

Before Deregulation


Your utility company bills you for the following every month:

  1. supplying the energy
  2. distributing the energy
  3. applicable taxes.

This is where Astral Energy comes in.

With deregulation, your energy supplier and distributor can now be two separate entities, which gives the customer the power of choice. Astral Energy takes over the first role: the role of supplying the energy. Your local utility still has the second role of distributing the energy.

Astral Energy supplying you with energy may give you advantages.

  1. You may be able to obtain competitive market rates on your supply of energy from Astral Energy.
  2. With the energy choice program, you can negotiate your energy supply rates.
  3. Even with the above two facts, you will still be serviced and billed by your utility company. Astral Energy would be your energy supplier.
  4. Your utility company will continue to distribute the energy, which Astral Energy supplies to your home or business, and will continue to handle all billing.

After Deregulation


Your bill will continue to come from your utility company and will look almost exactly the same with two exceptions:

  1. A line item that now says that Astral Energy is your supplier of electricity or natural gas
  2. Your overall bill will change every month due to usage, variations, and market conditions, but over the course of the year, Astral’s goal is to obtain value for its customers by offering competitive energy supply.

If this all sounds great to you and you would like to sign up today or have any questions, you may call us today 888-850-1872! One of our representatives will walk you through how you can learn whether Astral Energy can start lowering cost on your energy bill today!