Business Plans

Empowering Your Business With Greater Control

Astral Energy is your trusted energy partner, dedicated to helping your business maximize control over monthly power expenditures while minimizing your exposure to the fluctuations of a volatile market. We custom design a fixed-rate plan for you that helps simplify your budgeting process and energy management.

Deregulation – which separated energy suppliers (us) from distributors (utility companies) – provided a brilliant opportunity for your company to lighten its expenditure load. Our team has more than 30 combined years experience developing innovative energy solutions to best meet a variety of businesses’ natural gas, electricity and renewable energy needs.

It’s Business… and It’s Personal

We know you have a choice when it comes to your energy providers, so we are focused on providing you with excellent service, best case plans and pricing, and efficient use of your time, resources and budget. You also benefit from our extensive network and strategic relationships with energy suppliers.

Scalable, Smart Solutions

We work with businesses from small to large, in a variety of industries, helping them to control their energy costs and budgets to meet bottom-line goals. Through customized planning, we deliver clear reports, consolidated invoicing and all the tools you need to

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  • Large businesses: industry example, example, example
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For a Brighter Future

Energy may well be your most controllable operating expense.