6 Ways to Make Your Household Chores More Energy Efficient

6 Ways to Make Your Household Chores More Energy Efficient

Household chores are a necessary part of your everyday life. Doing them will help ensure that your home continues to run efficiently and make your living environments clean and organized. It’s also the best way to help increase your sense of responsibility. In that way, you’ll promote safety and good overall health for your family at home.

However, it’s also essential to keep your energy costs low while you do your daily household chores. You need to make sure that you can conserve energy in the process and save money on your utility bills. To give you further insights, here are a few simple and smart ways to make your household chores more energy efficient.

Reduce Your Ironing

A flat iron is an essential household appliance that you can use to help remove the wrinkles or lines in your clothes. It is a high-quality device that you can use by pressing it against your clothes to straighten them. However, it’s also one of the appliances that consume a significant amount of energy in your home.

Ironing your clothes can use about 800 to 2,000 watts with an average of 1,100 watts when the heat is high. So, just like connecting into a clean and reliable energy company such as Astral Energy, hanging your clothes after the washing cycle can help you save energy and money. It can also help reduce their wrinkles and the use of the appliance as well.

When you use your flat iron, make sure to avoid the use of the low heat setting and the steam function to help save on energy. If you have clothes made from delicate fabrics, you may try ironing them after switching it off. Your appliance will be hot enough to help reduce the wrinkles or lines in your clothes without damaging them.

Consider the Low-Energy Vacuuming

Vacuuming your carpets is an essential way to help increase its lifespan. It’s also one of the best ways to care and maintain your carpet at home and get the most out of your investment. Regularly doing the job can help remove dirt and soil that can damage its fiber and may reduce its useful life.

Vacuuming can also consume a vast amount of energy at home. Thus, it’s necessary to do your job in a more energy efficient way by utilizing a carpet sweeper instead of a vacuum. The use of manual carpet sweeper doesn’t use electricity, so it’s a more energy efficient option to help you conserve energy at home.

Utilizing carpet sweepers can help clean small messes like crumbs and pet hair, and surface dirt in your floors and low-pile carpeting. However, when you need to do vacuum, make sure to empty the dust collector regularly to ensure that it’s running efficiently. If it’s full, your appliance may work harder to pick up the dirt and use more electricity.

You may also upgrade your vacuum into an energy-efficient model. Make sure to choose a product that can help reduce the number of allergens while doing the job. It’s also essential to opt for a durable model that won’t only help you save money and energy, but could last for a few years as well.

Make Your Laundering Energy Efficient

One of the best ways to make your daily chores more energy efficient is to incorporate changes to your laundry routine. One of them is to ensure that each load of your laundry is full to help you save water. You can also wash your clothes in cold water to help save energy while keeping the stains from setting in and prevent the colors from bleeding.

After washing your clothes, you may also try the line drying instead of using the dryer. Doing so can help you save energy while benefiting the antibacterial effects of the sunlight. You can also dry your clothes on the inside, but make sure that it’s warm and dry or cold and dry.

However, if you need to use a dryer, make sure to keep it well maintained. Some small cloth fibers may pass through the lint trap and to the dryer hose. As a result, it may restrict the airflow and forces the appliances to run longer. Hence, keeping your machine well maintained can help improve its energy efficiency while helping reduce the risk of fire.

Utilize the Smart Dishwasher

The smart dishwasher is one of the best appliances you can use at home. It’s a connected smart home tool that can provide enhanced features to your standard machine. Some of its features include the Wi-Fi connectivity and flexibility options like voice controls via enabled smartphone control and virtual home assistant.

Utilizing the smart dishwasher will help you conserve water and energy. The appliance has essential features that can make it more flexible and more efficient in addressing common issues like redepositing food particles on your dishes. It also has smart technology feature that can help incorporate your appliance into your smart home design.

Save on Your Steam Mop

A steam mop is a handy device you can use for cleaning your floors at home. It’s an innovative floor mop that helps you to save time by quickly absorbing the dirt in your area. This high-quality product will also help kill the dust mites and bacteria through the heat from its steam.

However, it isn’t always necessary to use the steam mop when you’re cleaning your floors. Instead, you may use a regular mop and help efficiently save your appliance for your quarterly cleaning job. Doing so is an ideal way to save on your energy bills while helping improve your home’s energy efficiency as well.

Use the Green Cleaning Solutions

The use of green cleaning solutions is an ideal way to help you save money and energy. It’s also an excellent way to help protect the environment by avoiding water contamination. Most of the cleaning solutions you get from the local markets contain pollutants like nitrogen, ammonia, and phosphorus that are harmful to the environment.

Instead, you can consider the use of DIY green cleaning solutions that are more eco-friendly. You can make an effective surface cleaner by using water and vinegar. The vinegar is acidic enough to help kill about 99 percent of mold spores and other bacterias in your home. You may also add scents like citrus, lavender, or rosemary to your spray bottle.


Utilizing the simple ways to help reduce your energy expenditures is beneficial when you do your household chores. You can incorporate a few eco-friendly ways to make them more energy efficient such as those listed above. They won’t only help you save money and power, but they can also make your living environments more clean and organized.

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