5 Helpful Ways to Save Electricity at Home

5 Helpful Ways to Save Electricity at Home

Monthly bills are part of the reason why a husband and wife have arguments. It might be the unknown charges reflected on the bills or the unexpected fluctuation due to the excessive use of the service. Rental fees, taxes, and insurances, as well as phone and internet bills,  are the typical responsibilities of every household each month.

Also, the fluctuation of monthly electricity bills usually creates a continuing issue. To avoid being in a tight jam, here’s a list of helpful ways to save your electricity consumption. Read on below and practice them at home to lessen your next monthly expenses.

Turn Off the Lights When Not in Use

Lightings inside and outside of your house that are usually left unattended often result in high charges. Lights in the bedroom, in the bathroom, as well as in the kitchen and dining area that are used even when no one’s around all add up.

If you want to save on electricity, you better practice turning the lights off when not in use. Inform all your family members to do the same and make it a habit at home. Also, you can open all the windows and some doors during the daytime to let natural light come in. Natural light with fresh air will surely give your home a more healthy environment.

Manage Your HVAC Usage

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is for heating and cooling commercial as well as residential buildings. If the weather is too warm, you can turn on the air conditioning unit to turn down the temperature. If it’s too cold,  you can use the heater to make you and your family feel warm at home

HVAC equipment consumes a lot of energy. However, there’s a way to avoid excessive electricity consumption. After a few years of use, HVAC tends to accumulate trouble especially if you don’t give it proper and regular maintenance. If your HVAC starts to manifest malfunctions, it’ll surely consume more power than normal.

That’s why you have to make it sure that your HVAC equipment has regular maintenance from a specialist to avoid excessive electricity consumption. It looks like you’re paying more, you’ll be saving more money in the long run.

Regular maintenance for your HVAC will surely enable you to avoid the possible costly repairs in the future and worse, buy a new one if it’s completely broken due to small mishaps that could have been resolved by regular maintenance works.

Use Your Washer and Dryer Efficiently  

Doing laundry is one of the most tiring house chores especially when you do it every day. With advances in technology, there are smart washers and dryers available in the market today. If you’re busy or don’t have the time, you can have one of them at home to help you out with your laundry.

Since washers and dryers are typical home appliances, you tend to use it from time to time. You might say that it’s fine as long as you’ve cleaned your clothes and other fabrics properly using the machine.

However, if your goal is to save electricity and water consumption, you could start doing it with your laundry. It is a good idea to do laundry in bulk. Washing your clothes and other fabrics every day will consume more water and electricity. However, doing your laundry once a week or over the weekends will surely save you more bucks.

Different brands and units of washers and dryers have different designs and capabilities. Others are designed for a long day of laundry work, but some aren’t. Other units consume more electricity and others are electricity-saving models. You have to choose one that is suitable for your need and goal.

Make Use of Your Kitchen Appliances

Prepping meals is usually what most people do at home. If you don’t want to take your breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the fast food restaurant, you’ll surely have to cook your meals at home. If you are married and you have children, preparing food is very important.

Preparing and cooking food isn’t and doesn’t have to be rocket science. Appliances such as Rice cookers, microwave ovens, pressure cookers, and electric stoves are just a few examples of kitchen appliances that consume too much electricity. Using these appliances from time to time will surely give you fluctuation in your next bills.

If you want to cook a particular dish, make sure that it will cater to all of the members of the family. If you’re using an electric stove, make use of the time that you’ve turned it on. As much as possible, cook everything that you’re going to eat in a particular meal to maximize the time you’re using the stove.

Using kitchen appliances from time to time will surely consume electricity. That’s why making it a practice at home good for slashing down the bills on gas and electricity. If there’s an extra meal, keep it in a safe storage for anyone who’d want to eat it later.

Moreover, having a regular inspection of the appliances that you use in the kitchen will make you find one that needs repair or an appliance that needs to go the dump. Remember that kitchen appliances with underlying issues or malfunctions often consume more electricity and worse, cause electric-related accidents.


If your goal is to lower down your electricity bill every month, you can apply all of the cost-saving tips discussed above. Make sure to have a proper discussion about this stuff between you and your whole family. It’ll be better if all of your family members have the same understanding and objective as yours.

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